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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Portfolio Summary 

The results of our investment process are expressed through our range of portfolio solutions.


  Portfolio Summary

   Each portfolio is designed to achieve its objectives whilst exhibiting certain characteristics. The portfolios adhere to the risk objectives                         mandates at all times and are tailored to account for your personal circumstances.

   Portfolio Management

    The advisory team, lead by the LeBlanc Group, is responsible for managing your personal risk exposure and this is achieved, in part, by                            selecting the appropriate portfolios and adjusting your weightings to them over time as your risk profile changes. Due to the                                                  complementary nature of different strategies, appropriate solutions can often consist of 3-4 portfolios, though this number will depend on                your individual circumstances.                


  Portfolio Review

   You will have online access and quarterly reporting for each portfolio and their respective data and performance, as well as the ability to                         switch and re-weight within the portfolios should this be appropriate for your personal circumstances.


    Portfolio Administration

     The Portfolio Manager is responsible for selecting, monitoring and adjusting the underlying positions within each portfolio according to the                respective mandates. This process occurs continuously, and you will always be informed of any changes made a they occur. 

Our services are built upon our long-standing, multi-asset class expertise and maintain a focus on the individual needs of our clients.